Medically-Supervised Self Tracking with a Quant Coach

Paul Abramson MD

Paul Abramson MD, The Quantified Doctor

At My Doctor Medical Group we are pioneering a new model of health care, using medically-supervised self tracking projects to diagnose vexing problems, conduct personal experiments and improve treatment outcomes. We create a custom-designed team and treatment plan for each individual situation. We view health care as a process, not a destination. Our focus is on paying careful attention to the detailed narrative of each individual’s story and adapting our approach as their health situation changes.

What is a Quant Coach?

A Quant Coach is a member of your health care team who helps with the practical task of getting baseline data on your health, setting up personal health experiments, and motivating you to stay on track through regular feedback sessions. The Quant Coach is closely supervised by the Quantified Doctor (https://quantdoctor, Paul Abramson MD and other members of our team, and can mobilize whatever resources are necessary to help you meet your goals.

What Conditions are Best Suited to Quant Coaching?

We find that people who are very motivated to solve a medical problem or achieve a health goal do best with medically-supervised self tracking. Conditions and situations we have successfully helped with Quant Coaching include:

  • Weight Loss and Reversing Diabetes
  • Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis
  • Addiction Detox and Drug Withdrawal
  • Hypertension
  • Implementing a Paleo, SCD or Ketogenic Diet Plan
  • Pain Management
  • Identifying Food Sensitivities
  • Identifying Environmental Triggers of Symptoms
  • Finding the Cause of Mystery Symptoms
  • Optimizing an Athletic Training Regimen
  • And Many Others


The Quant Coaching Experience – What to Expect

We often recommend starting with a 12 week program to allow for baseline data collection and then conducting personal experiments under our supervision. The process depends on each individual situation, but often includes some or all of the following elements:

  • A comprehensive initial history and physical examination by Paul Abramson MD;
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy evaluation with our Registered Dietitian when food is part of the tracking or treatment plan;
  • Review of all available previous medical records and data;
  • Additional medical diagnostic testing and evaluation if needed, looking for any potential correctable “root causes”;
  • An intake with a Quant Coach to design an initial tracking program;
  • Ongoing self tracking using a variety of custom sensors and apps.
  • Weekly review of tracking data with your Quant Coach, and dynamic adjustment of the program;
  • Interim review of labs and tracking data with the doctor and dietitian, to adjust your program;
  • Ongoing accountability and motivation provided by the coaching process;
  • Well-defined goals and milestones.

Your self-tracking projects are closely supervised by UCSF and Stanford-trained physician, Dr. Paul Abramson, the Quantified Doctor, who is available for additional medical consultation at any point along the way.

Predictable Costs for Laboratory Testing

Patients of My Doctor Medical Group can also benefit from our contracted pricing with national reference laboratories. Those without insurance, or with high deductibles, benefit from our low contracted lab costs that are transparent and known in advance of ordering the tests. This allows us to closely monitor markers of inflammation, lipid subtyping, neurotransmitters and other important measures of metabolic health. In many cases those with PPO insurance can have labs covered by their insurance with the reference lab, even though our medical practices is out of network for physician services.

Mobile Self-Tracking Technology

We help our patients choose the best of available technology to carryBodyMedia FIT out their self-tracking projects, some of which is not commercially available and is available only to coaching participants.

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