Cocaine and Stimulant Use Disorders

Personalized Treatment Program

My Doctor Medical Group (MDMG) offers a personalized and custom-designed treatment program to help our patients withdraw from cocaine and other stimulants, and successfully live life without them.

We use a medically-supervised approach integrating the most up-to-date pharmacologic approaches with psychotherapy, nutritional interventions, and other integrative approaches to achieve the best functional outcome.

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Are You or a Loved One Dependent on Cocaine?

Cocaine Use Disorder is a condition characterized by the harmful consequences of repeated cocaine use, a pattern of compulsive cocaine use, and (sometimes) physiological dependence on cocaine (i.e., tolerance and/or symptoms of withdrawal). This disorder is only diagnosed when cocaine use becomes persistent and causes significant academic, occupational, social or medical impairment. Cocaine and amphetamine-like drugs have similar intoxication and withdrawal symptoms; hence are grouped together under the diagnosis of Stimulant Use Disorders.

People addicted to cocaine typically have a strong desire to take the drug, difficulties in controlling its use, persisting in its use despite harmful consequences, and place a higher priority on drug use than other activities and obligations.

Cocaine use is often intermittent, and when using, people often exhibit poor judgment and engage in other harmful or costly activities. After a prolonged period of use, stopping cocaine can lead to withdrawal symptoms including craving, fatigue depressed mood and suicidality.

Mechanisms Underlying Cocaine Use Disorders

People often start using cocaine in social settings, where it is commonly consumed along with alcohol. Initially it provides benefits, such as increased sociability, disinhibition, enhanced sexual enjoyment and more energy.

But with continued use cocaine frequently becomes problematic, leading to compulsive use, and a variety of adverse effects and life consequences.

Symptoms that often manifest in regular cocaine users often include some combination of:

Occupational and economic: Impaired academic or work functioning, economic problems caused by squandering money or drug-related unemployment, difficulty working with others.
Antagonism: Anger, grandiosity and paranoia.
Disinhibition: Impulsivity, excessive risk taking and risky behaviors, hyperactivity, distractability, and irresponsibility.
Cognitive Problems: Impaired reasoning and judgment, restricted repeated behaviors, confusion, and unusual beliefs.
Negative emotions: Depression and anxiety.
Physical problems: Insomnia, weight loss, chronic fatigue, seizures, heart failure, hemorrhagic stroke. Regular cocaine users often have a dramatically reduced life expectancy.

Integrative Cocaine Addiction Treatment at Home

We offer a comprehensive and intensive outpatient treatment program, sometimes called "Stay at Home Rehab." The program is based on thorough medical care and pharmacology, and can include a combination of medical care, integrative and functional medicine treatment, individual and group psychotherapy, medical nutrition therapy, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and self tracking.

We can mobilize any necessary resources based on an individual’s unique needs after our comprehensive initial evaluation. We’re experts at keeping people independent and “outpatient” who may otherwise be facing going to a facility, inpatient rehab or other institutional setting.

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