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Concierge medicine is a new way of looking at your healthcare choices. It’s also known as “boutique medicine” or “executive healthcare.” Others might simply use the term “private doctor." In this style of practice, you have a close relationship with your personal physician and his team, who optimize your health and act as a trusted adviser and advocate in the complex medical world.

Dr. Paul Abramson combines top academic credentials (two engineering degrees from Stanford, medical degree from UCSF, and on the UCSF faculty) with a long family lineage of physicians and a love for systems-level thinking. He founded My Doctor Medical Group to provide comprehensive services to a remarkable group of patients. By building resilient team of top professionals, we offer a unique service offering for people who appreciate refinement, responsiveness and practicality.

Membership Has Its Privileges

We offer three levels of access to match each individual or family’s needs.

Please ask about our concierge membership tiers.

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What are the Benefits of Concierge Healthcare?

Concierge medical services take a much more personalized approach to your health and overall well-being. You benefit from a bespoke level of customized healthcare, with an amount of time and attention to detail from your doctor that scales to your circumstances as they change over time.

  • Develop a long-term relationship with your doctor
  • Access your physician and medical team when and where you need to
  • Benefit from a proactive approach to your health including preventive and integrative medicine
  • Receive customized care specific to your individual needs and preferences
  • Referrals to the best specialist care when you need it
  • Customized research and case management if required

    Our Suite of Concierge Medical Services

    • Executive health program
    • Premier service levels for direct physician access
    • Extreme privacy services for high-profile individuals
    • House calls and office visits in San Francisco
    • Hospital inpatient care
    • Discreet mental health and substance use treatment for patients or their family members
    • Second-opinion and customized research services

      Why My Doctor Medical Group?

      Our doctors and front office staff provide extraordinary service and attention to detail to each and every one of our patients.

      Because we operate privately and independently, we are able to provide unprecedented levels of access, convenience and best-of-class service for those desiring a higher standard of care than is typically available in medicine. We can also help you solve difficult problems and manage complex health situations when needed. Our physicians are available in our state-of-the-art facility in downtown San Francisco, via house call or via telephone or other virtual means when clinically appropriate.

      We have tiered service levels to match each patient’s needs and preferences, including a simple fee-for-service option as well as enhanced concierge tiers. Our staff would be happy to discuss your needs and our practice in detail. Just call us at (415) 963-4431.

      Our Team of Specialists

      Our founder and medical director, Paul Abramson MD, leads our team of medical experts. We utilize a highly integrative approach that combines the right combination of advanced medical diagnostics and therapeutics, self tracking and quantification, mind-body techniques and applied neuroscience, pharmacology, and can also include top specialist referrals, house calls, nutritional support, dietary supplements, acupuncture, personal training and other modalities.

      To schedule an appointment or for more information:
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      If it's urgent, we can call you back 24/7 and help you find the help you need. More information here.

      “I started with a small solo medical practice, in the style of practicing medicine that my grandfather and great-grandfather did before me. I always focus on the patient and applying great attention to detail, something I still do proudly. As we continue to grow, I will fiercely maintain this commitment to quality, ethics and the patient-doctor relationship while simultaneously using the best tools and technology from every discipline. This is how I achieve optimal results for my patients.” 

      Dr. Paul Abramson, M.D.Medical Director, My Doctor Medical Group

      “I started with a small solo medical practice, a style of practicing medicine like my grandfather and great-grandfather did, focusing on the patient and applying great attention to detail. As we grow in size, we’re maintaining this commitment to quality, ethics and the doctor-patient relationship while using the best tools and technology from every discipline to achieve optimal results.” 

      Dr. Paul Abramson, M.D.Medical Director, My Doctor Medical Group