Optimal Care for Busy Professionals

The San Francisco Bay Area is famous for being home to corporate executives, high-level consultants, attorneys and other busy professionals who often neglect their health due to their complex responsibilities and pursuit of success.

The executive’s demanding lifestyle increases real risk for stress-related conditions such as heart disease, addiction, cancer, diabetes and hypertension, as well as behavioral disorders such as addiction, anxiety and irritability. Our team at My Doctor Medical Group, led by founder Paul Abramson MD specializes in helping high-functioning professionals manage health risk like they commonly do with financial or legal risk.

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Purpose of Executive Health Program

In many cases the high profile executive is the absolute “keystone” of an organization, or in the case of a licensed professional, essential to the lives of those they serve. Absence due to illness or burnout can be risky for their career and harmful to those they serve.

Despite their successes, high-level executives and professionals often lack the time and inclination to look after their health to ensure optimum wellness and productivity.

Our executive health services allow you to "outsource" health maintenance to our medical experts, both to prevent future problems and provide timely care if new or urgent medical issues arise.

Benefits of the MDMG Executive Health Program

As an executive or professional, your health, well being, productivity and performance are all inextricably linked. That’s why MDMG has developed a comprehensive Executive Health Program ideal for company CxOs, executive leadership, attorneys, physicians, politicians and their families.

Our Executive Health Program helps you to take control of your health and to optimize your wellbeing for increased happiness, performance and productivity. We understand your particular needs and those of your family.

The Executive Health Evaluation - What to Expect

Personalized Health Evaluation
  • Personalized health assessment and delivery of a a customized health program
  • Thorough review of your medical history and concerns
  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • Laboratory testing for standard and cutting-edge health parameters
  • Imaging when needed to further assess risk or confirm diagnoses
  • Cardiovascular and cerebovascular risk asessment
  • Preparation for future travel health risks
  • Lifestyle and preventive recommendations
  • Regular follow up to achieve and refine goals

  • Preventive Care
  • Screening tests and early intervention of vascular disease, cancer, diabetes and other chronic illnesses
  • Lifestyle risk assessment
  • Counseling and follow-up on nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep
  • Access to integrative and functional medicine therapies if needed

  • Concierge Primary Medical Care
  • Diagnosis and optimal treatment of existing and new medical conditions
  • Assessment of psychological issues and sleep problems
  • Timely assessment for new symptoms or illnesses
  • Non-judgmental help with problems related to alcohol or drugs
  • Convenient messaging, video and phone consultation when appropriate
  • Timely care for all members of your family, if needed

  • Also see our page on Concierge Medicine.

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