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Expedited Next-Day COVID-19 PCR Testing Now Available

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RT-PCR with next day 9am delivery
Rapid Antigen Testing with 2 Hour Turnaround Time

If you have symptoms please do not enter our building or the office. Before scheduling, please call us to see if we can arrange for testing elsewhere to maintain safety for the staff and other patrons


Get Tested for COVID-19

Those who want testing for the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (which causes the disease COVID-19) can opt for a rapid antigen test (done at home or in a clinic) or a gold-standard RT-PCR test. Test availability is variable and the rapid tests are very inaccurate, missing 20-60% of active COVID cases with false negative results.

There is also a concern about sub-par specimen collection techniques and transport for PCR testing at many corporate testing sites, leading to a higher false-negative rate.

We can perform gold-standard nasopharyngeal swab RT-PCR collected by a fully-licensed registered nurse or physician at our secure clinic space in San Francisco, or your home in the Bay Area. Regardless of the collection site, we use full protective equipment and meticulous technique to ensure optimal collection technique and everyone's safety. Expedited next-day 09:00 AM results are now included in the base fee.

Why Should I Get Tested?

  • PCR to Find Current Infection. If you want to know if you are currently infectious to others, even if you are not symptomatic, then the Nasopharyngeal Swab PCR test is the most sensitive test currently available.
  • Important: If you have possible symptoms of COVID-19 infection, please contact us after booking so we can arrange testing for you outside our building. Do not enter 450 Sutter building with active COVID symptoms, to avoid exposing other people.
  • RT-PCR is the best technology currently available for maximum sensitivity and specificity, and is thus considered the "gold standard" against which other types of tests are compared.
  • Thus many governments are requiring negative COVID-19 PCR testing within 72 hours of arrival, sooner in some cases, to ensure entry without quarantine.
  • What about antibody testing? Antibody testing is not a reliable way to pick up current or recent infection, and is not accepted by governments.
  • What about rapid antigen testing? Rapid antigen testing technology does not provide enough sensitivity to rely on - it misses up to 30-60% of active cases. Thus it is generally not acceptable for important screening or testing. However, it can be useful for ongoing surveillance when done repeatedly - ask us if you would like to purchase rapid tests to use during travel or at home.

The COVID-19 Testing Process: What to Expect

In Our Secure Clinic. The most cost effective option is to self schedule online and visit our office, where we have valet parking, sparsely-used elevators, a mask for you, full PPE for us, and low patient volume for optimal safety. We have an expedited option offering next-day results.

At Your Home. Our collection expert comes to you in full PPE and performs a collection in the safety of your own home. Safe and secure, but higher cost. Inquire about costs by calling us.

PCR Tests on deep Nasopharyngeal Swab. This test identifies whether you have a current and infectious case of COVID-19. We collect specimens using meticulous technique (deep/prolonged nasopharyngeal swab and transport to a laboratory. These tests do have a small false-negative rate (<10%), but they are the currently-best technology available. With our expedited option results are back the next business day after collection.

Fees at Our Clinic

Nasopharyngeal Swab PCR
  • $295 for visit, swab collection, and RT-PCR lab fee with next-day before 09:00 AM PST results.
  • $35 extra if you require extra/custom documentation
  • Please go to our COVID-19 Testing for Travel page if you are needing testing before travel.
  • Payment is due in full; your credit card will be charged on the day of service. 48 hour cancelation policy.
  • Fees are subject to change without notice. Your credit card on file will be automatically charged early on the morning of the appointment day. We do not take insurance and not opted out of Medicare and Medi-Cal. However, if you have commercial insurance there is a third-party company that can help you submit an out of network claim after you complete testing.

    Fees At Your Home

    Nasopharyngeal Swab PCR  with Expedited Next-Day Results
    • $995 for first person at a given site and time, $520 each additional person.
    • Includes lab fee with next-day 09:00 AM PST results.
    • Custom travel documentation and certificates: $35/person extra (in addition to lab report) if needed for your destination.
    • Please go to our COVID-19 Testing for Travel page if you are needing testing before travel.
    • Additional fees may apply:
      • Travel time from our main office in downtown San Francisco.
      • Services outside of business hours and on weekends.
      • Rush service.

    About My Doctor Medical Group

    We are a unique concierge medical practice in San Francisco, providing excellence in private medical care, both primary care and sub-specialties. We provide comprehensive care across outpatient, home and hospital settings.

    Dr. Paul Abramson, our founder and medical director, has been an early innovator in COVID-19 testing, providing an evidence-based and legitimate option amidst a "wild west" of testing products and claims. Dr. Abramson has two engineering degrees from Stanford and uses the latest data and statistics to help our patients make the best use of available test technology, understanding its value and limitations.

    Paul Abramson MD

    Paul Abramson MD
    Medical Director

    My Doctor Medical Group is centrally located at the historic 450 Sutter building in downtown San Francisco,  Our physicians have inpatient privileges at Sutter California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in San Francisco, and Dr. Abramson teaches at UCSF.

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