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Reliable Next Day RT-PCR For Travel

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San Francisco and Berkeley

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Pre-Travel COVID Testing

We get it right the first time. States and countries now require a very-recent COVID PCR test travel certificate. Furthermore, the rules vary by destination, ranging from 48 hours before arrival, to 96 hours before departure. While we do offer rapid COVID testing for travel we only offer RT-PCR and do not use Abbot or Cephelid rapid tests which are not accurate (see below).

  • Expedited next-day result by 5 PM latest, using true RT-PCR technology (NAA) on a deep nasopharyngeal swab as preferred by most foreign destination governments. 9AM hyper-expedited results available for an additional lab fee; please inquire after booking.
  • Our documentation is compliant with all destination states (except Hawaii, see below) and countries.
  • We offer professional and responsive service.

Our travel COVID tests are

  • RT-PCR (Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction)
  • NAA Test a.k.a. NAAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test)
  • IMPORTANTLY: RT-PCR is a type of PCR test. Thus any country that requires "PCR" testing will also have to accept RT-PCR. This is mentioned in our lab report.
  • Deep nasopharyngeal swab
  • Run by a lab certified by CLIA (CMS) and CDPH (California)
  • Approved by all states and countries except  Hawai'i, which has only approved large corporate "testing partners."
  • For specific country requirements: COVID-19 Travel Testing Requirements by Country

Custom Documentation and Fit-To-Fly Certificate for Specific Destinations

  • Hong Kong specific certificates and letters
  • Thai "Fit to Fly" Certificate
  • Austria Certificate
  • Japan Certificate
  • Finland Certificate
  • Netherlands Certificate
  • And all others

We Meet Timing and Assay Requirements. Many sources of outpatient testing have delayed results (2-14 days) making them useless for travel. Or they use non-compliant rapid antigen (Abbott BinaxNOW), rapid molecular (Abbott ID Now) or LAMP (Color) tests.

We are focused on your safety. Our secure testing locations:


Results for the COVID RT PCR test are delivered electronically to you electronically by 17:00 PM the next day at the latest. It's often earlier in the day but our lab guarantees by 5 PM. Contact us after you book if you have specific timing requirements requiring an earlier reporting time.


  • Click here for the specific page on COVID-19 RT-PCR + IgM Antibody testing for Travel to China


  • The Tahiti consulate has approved of My Doctor Medical Group for travel to Tahiti and French Polynesia. Our RT-PCR assay is on the approved list for Tahiti.
  • Tahiti/French Polynesia Ref (See "prior to departure"):


  • As of October 15, the state government of Hawai'i has announced that only tests performed by a limited set of large corporate "partners" will be accepted for entry to Hawai'i. Smaller practices like ours were not notified of this in advance. Travelers to Hawai'i will have to follow the government's required partner list. Hawai'i Ref:

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Testing Details

Types of Tests

  • PCR to Find Current Infection. The Nasopharyngeal Swab RT-PCR test is the most sensitive test currently available to find current infection in non-symptomatic people. This is also the test required for entry into other states and countries.It has the maximum sensitivity and specificity and is the "gold standard."
  • What about antibody testing? Antibody testing is not a reliable way to pick up current or recent infection, and is not required by any governments except for China which requires IgM antibody testing in addition to RT-PCR. The presence or absence of antibodies also cannot reliably predict immunity.
  • What about rapid antigen or rapid molecular testing? Rapid antigen and rapid molecular testing technology is not considered reliable especially in asymptomatic people where it can miss up to 30-50% of active cases. Most  governments seem to recognize its inferiority.

Location of tests

  • At our Secure Clinics at 450 Sutter, San Francisco and on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley:
    • We comply with all City, County, OSHA and CDC guidelines and have had perfect scores on audits.
    • Valet parking in the building, or less expensive parking at Sutter Stockton Garage 1/2 block away.
    • Limited number of people on each elevator.
    • Patient visits spaced out for optimal safety.
    • Medical air filtration in testing area
    • All surfaces cleaned with antimicrobials between each patient visit.
    • Your safety is our first priority.
  • At Your Home. 
    • Our collection expert comes to you in full PPE and performs a collection in the safety of your own home, hotel room or office.
    • Safe and secure, but higher cost including travel time from downtown SF.
    • Availability is limited. Please plan ahead.
    • For scheduling, call us or reach out to us via our Contact Form

Fees at Our Clinic

  • $240 for visit and swab collection.
  • $125 lab fee for PCR testing with next-day results.
  • Custom travel documentation and certificates: $35/person extra (in addition to lab report) if needed for your destination. Read above under FAQ for details.
  • Payment is due in full; your credit card will be charged on the day of service. 48 hour cancelation policy to avoid late cancelation fees.
  • We do not accept insurance. However, if you have commercial PPO insurance you can send them our superbill and they may reimburse fees out of network in part or full to you later, depending on your policy.

Fees At Your Home

  • $995 for first person at a given site and time, $520 each additional person.
  • Includes lab fee with next-day results.
  • Custom travel documentation and certificates: $35/person extra (in addition to lab report) if needed for your destination.
  • Additional fees may apply:
    • Travel time more than 15 minutes from our main office.
    • Services outside of business hours and on weekends.
    • Rush service.

CONTACT US to inquire about testing at home. Availability is limited.

My Doctor Medical Group Can be Your New Concierge Doctor

We are a unique concierge medical practice in San Francisco, providing excellence in private medical care, both primary care and sub-specialties. Additionally, we provide comprehensive care across outpatient, home and hospital settings. Our team includes two primary physicians, a cardiologist, physician assistants,  registered nurses, psychotherapists, a dietitian, an acupuncturist, a practice manager and an amazing and accomplished group of Patient Care Coordinators who tie it all together.

Dr. Paul Abramson, our founder, has been an early innovator in COVID-19 testing, providing an evidence-based and legitimate option amidst a "wild west" of testing products and claims. Dr. Abramson also has two engineering degrees from Stanford, a medical degree from UCSF where he is now a Clinical Assistant Professor, and is double board certified in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine. He completed a residential Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona (AzCIM) under Dr. Andrew Weil.

Dr. Deena Neff completed postgraduate medical training at UCSF, is board certified in Family Medicine and completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona (AzCIM). She brings 30 years of experience to her practice of medicine and is deeply humanistic in her approach to the doctor-patient relationship.

My Doctor Medical Group is centrally located at the historic 450 Sutter building in downtown San Francisco.

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Paul Abramson MD

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