Preoperative Medical Evaluation
With COVID-19 Testing

San Francisco Bay Area


Expedited Same-Day COVID-19 PCR

Downtown San Francisco

Keep Your Surgeon or Dentist Operating Safely

COVID-19 has transformed the landscape of health care. From mid-March to mid-May 2020 in San Francisco, all elective surgery and procedures were stopped, dramatically decreasing surgical volume and leaving patients out in the cold who needed procedures that were not deemed emergencies.

How can I get my procedure done safely?

At My Doctor Medical Group, an early innovator in COVID-19 testing, we have collaborated with top surgeons to develop a protocol for them to return to the operating room safely, by evaluating, testing, and properly monitoring isolation of patients before their procedure.

This has the advantage of getting you access to needed procedures. And it allows your surgeons to practice while protecting their own and their staff's health.

Our Pre-Surgical Protocol

We have developed a protocol that is customized to each surgeon's unique practice.

  • Referral. Your surgeon refers you to My Doctor Medical Group.
  • Intake. You follow a streamlined online intake procedure.
  • Schedule. You self-schedule appointment with us before the procedure (timing per surgeon).
  • COVID-19 Testing. We gather samples at our clinic for gold-standard PCR nasopharyngeal swab testing.
  • Isolation and Monitoring. You will self-isolate between the exam and your procedure, to avoid a new infection. We will meet with you via video to monitor this process.
  • We report your test results to the surgeon. If all is well, you get your surgery on time.
Paul Abramson MD

Paul Abramson MD
Medical Director

About My Doctor Medical Group

My Doctor Medical Group is a unique concierge medicine practice in downtown San Francisco. We have been early innovators in COVID-19 testing, providing an evidence-based and legitimate option amidst a "wild west" of testing products and claims. Our Founder and Medical Director, Paul Abramson MD, has two engineering degrees from Stanford and uses the latest data and statistics to help our patients make the best use of available test technology, understanding its value and limitations.

We aim to provide a seamless and safe experience for our patients who are undergoing surgical procedures, and have the expertise and scope of practice to minimize the medical risk inherent in anesthesia and surgery. Adding COVID-19 testing to our pre-operative screening process is the latest of our custom services.


Why Test Before Surgery?

By testing with a PCR nasopharyngeal swab 24-72 hours before your surgical date, and then checking temperature and other symptoms the day of surgery, we hope to increase the sensitivity of testing and improve detection rates.

We can now test with same-day results giving you more flexibility about timing while still satisfying your surgeon's requirements.

We do not recommend using the Abbott, BinaxNow, Cepheid or other rapid testing platforms at this time, because of concerns about low sensitivity (may miss 30-40% of positive cases in asymptomatic people).


  • COVID-19 PCR Test on Nasopharyngeal Swab

    • $295 including visit/collection fee and lab fee for next-day RT-PCR (2 hour turnaround time for results)

Fees are subject to change without notice. Your credit card on file will be automatically charged early on the morning of the appointment day. We do not take insurance and not opted out of Medicare and Medi-Cal. However, if you have commercial insurance there is a third-party company that can help you submit an out of network claim after you complete testing.

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