What Does it Mean That We Are “Out-of-Network” for Insurance?

We are a concierge medical practice and are considered an out-of-network provider for all commercial insurance. Our patients join our practice at one of three tiers (Member, Priority or VIP) and pay us for services directly. For those with PPO insurance, we can arrange for a third-party company to help you submit claims for medical visits “out of network," or give you an itemized receipt to submit yourself. Reimbursement would then happen directly to you according to the terms of your insurance policy.

Importantly, most lab tests, imaging, specialist consultation and hospital services that we order can be at in-network vendors for those with PPO insurance. So it's just our visits and other time spent by our doctors on your behalf that are out of network. We know how much the "real price" is for medications and tests, and can help you get the best value from your insurance and limit out of pocket costs.

Patients with PPO insurance can recover a percentage of the amount allowed (by the insurance company) for each medical visit, after deductibles and coinsurance. Patients with Kaiser or HMO insurance will typically not get reimbursement for out of network services. We are completely opted out of the Medicare system so our fees are not covered by Medicare, although many things we order (medications, specialists, and so forth) are often covered by Medicare. International travelers insurance for Europeans often reimburses patients quite well.

While this can seem daunting, our patients find the value of our services to be so great, and our practice to be so responsive and responsible, that it's worth going out of network to assure the best possible health care and outcomes for themselves and their loved ones.

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Reasons to Choose a Concierge Medical Practice

There are many reasons to choose a practice like My Doctor Medical Group.

  • We work directly for you, not for insurance companies or other corporate interests. Thus we can provide the best and most responsive medical care without conflicts of interest.
  • Our doctors and experts take the time to listen deeply to your story, and to customize our approach and your treatment plan to your individual needs and preferences.
  • We provide a wide range of services and use top outside specialists to take care of whatever issues that may arise for you. Our clinicians are at the top of their fields and hand picked by our founder and medical director, Paul Abramson MD.
  • We are available and timely.
  • Same-day and next day appointments, house calls and hospital visits are available. We help you when and where you need it.
  • Our doctors can directly admit patients to California Pacific Medical Center, the top private hospital in San Francisco, often without the need for an ER visit. We also can easily help you access UCSF and Stanford for highly specialized services.
  • Our physicians can, when appropriate, provide help to our existing patients via telephone, secure messaging and video, especially useful for busy professionals
  • We are quite cost effective helping you to navigate the health care system most efficiently, reducing time spent away from work or family due to illness, and because we know you so well, targeting tests and treatments to your actual needs.

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Our Team of Specialists

Join our hand-picked team of medical experts. We utilize a highly integrative approach that combines the right combination of advanced medical diagnostics and therapeutics, nutritional and lifestyle medicine, and personalized attention from a respected diagnostician, to achieve optimal results.

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