Denise Garbinski, RDN, MBA

Denise Garbinski, RD, MBA

My Doctor Medical Group offers personalized, integrative nutritional therapy for optimal wellness that is focused on food, with botanicals and dietary supplements added as needed.

Denise Garbinski is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with postgraduate training in functional and orthomolectular medicine. She has extensive experience counseling people following omnivorous, Paleo or vegetarian approaches, and combines expertise in nutrition science with the tenets of integrative medicine.

Denise works with a variety of conditions, including weight management, food-related allergies and sensitivities, digestive disorders, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. She can also help those transitioning to Paleo, Celiac, vegetarian or vegan diets.

Our nutritional coaching philosophy is to help clients learn how to heal their body naturally to achieve optimal wellness. Denise is comfortable with working within various paradigms, including plant-based diets and evolutionary/Paleo approaches. Her years of clinical experience also allow her to comfortably work with very sick and medically complex cases.

Denise is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine. She is a former member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Dietary Practice Groups for Integrative and Functional Medicine, Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, and Vegetarian Nutrition. Denise has spoken out against dietitian’s renewing their AND membership in protest of the Academy’s current corporate sponsorship practices and is a co-Founding member of Dietitians for Professional Integrity.

Denise is currently available for personalized telehealth nutrition consulting online and via phone, as a short-term consultation or a longer-term coaching plan. Her services are also tightly integrated into your overall medical care plan here at My Doctor Medical Group.

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