Dissociative Addiction Treatment


My Doctor Medical Group (MDMG) offers a personalized and custom-designed treatment program to help our patients stop using dissociative drugs like ketamine and nitrous oxide, and successfully live life without them.

We use a medically-supervised approach integrating the most up-to-date pharmacologic approaches with psychotherapy, nutritional interventions, and other integrative approaches to achieve the best functional outcome.

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Are You or a Love One Suffering from a Ketamine or Nitrous Oxide Problem?

Compulsive and harmful use of dissociative drugs is more common than most people realize, in part because people suffering from this problem often do it alone and deny their use.

Help is Available

We have extensive experience helping those suffering from ketamine or nitrous oxide use disorders to

  • Identify and mitigate physical harm resulting from dissociative drug use;
  • Establish a system of accountability to assist with stopping use;
  • Identify and treat underlying medical, psychological and social problems that have contributed to overuse of dissociatives

Our Team of Addiction Specialists

A Board Certified addiction medicine specialist, Paul Abramson MD, leads our team of experts. We utilize a highly integrative approach that can also include nutritional support, dietary supplements, acupuncture, personal training and other modalities as appropriate.

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