A Paleo-Friendly Doctor

Medical Supervision of Evolutionary Eating Approaches

Our Medical Director, Paul Abramson MD, has extensive experience with evolutionary approaches to nutrition such Paleo, Low Carb (LC), Perfect Health Diet (PHD) or “slow carb.”  We have found that many people seem to benefit by a Paleo-style eating program, but depending on their underlying health, genetic background, athletic goals and other factors, some people’s metabolism responds differently and requires adjustments to their dietary approach. We have also successfully worked with vegetarians who wish to adopt a modified low carb, low processed food approach.

Paleo-friendly medical consultation. Dr. Abramson often provides medical

Paul Abramson MD

Paul Abramson MD

consultation to people wishing to involve a doctor in their Paleo dietary program, to monitor their progress, track advanced laboratory testing parameters, and make sure their overall health is improving. There are also many different definitions of the Paleo Diet, and many benefit from an optimization of their particular strategy.

Predictable costs for laboratory testing. Patients of My Doctor Medical Group can also benefit from our contracted pricing with national reference laboratories. Those without insurance, or with high deductibles, benefit from our low contracted lab costs that are transparent and known in advance of ordering the tests. This allows us to closely monitor markers of inflammation, lipid subtyping, and other important measures of metabolic health. In many cases those with PPO insurance can have labs covered by their insurance with the reference lab, even though our medical practice is out of network for physician services.

A team approach is available. We also have a registered dietician, a psychotherapist and a Quant Coach on staff, so we can assemble a team if you need one now or in future.

Advanced Quant Coaching and self-tracking technology. For those wishing to take their health to a new level, we offer medically-supervised Quant Coach programs utilizing the latest in self-tracking sensors, apps, and data visualization. Meet with a Quant Coach weekly to review data and conduct medically supervised personal experiments. For more information, see Dr. Abramson’s blog The Quantified Doctor (http://quantdoctor NULL.com) and our Quant Coach Program page.

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