Low Carb, High-Fat Diets

Medical Supervision of Low Carbohydrate Dietary Approaches

Low carbohydrate diets are often employed for specific health projects, including:

  • Brain recovery from injury or medication effects
  • Athletic performance
  • General health using an evolutionary perspective
  • Specific health conditions amenable to this approach

There are several varieties of low carb diets that are appropriate for certain situations:

  • Evolutionary diet (e.g. Paleo or Perfect Health Diet)
  • General low carb diet (e.g. Whole30)
  • Ketogenic diet

Dietary Approaches to Health: What to Expect

A team based approach is often needed. We can easily integrate a team consisting of other
modalities, including:

  1. Medical diagnostics and targeted medical management
  2. Psychotherapy and mindfulness­based approaches
  3. Dietary consultation and coaching
  4. Self tracking and data­driven coaching
  5. Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture

Our physicians provide medical consultation to evaluate and guide nutritional approaches to health, either as specific projects or integrated into an overall medical plan. Along the way, we carefully monitor laboratory testing and track other parameters to ensure overall health improvement and prevent common problems before they occur.

Predictable Costs for Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing and monitoring is essential to ensure safety and effectiveness of dietary approaches to health. We can also monitor markers of inflammation, levels of specific micro-nutrients, lipid sub-types and other measures of metabolic health.

In many cases those with PPO insurance can have lab costs covered by their insurance with the reference lab, even though our medical practice is out-of-network for physician services.

For those without health insurance, our patients also benefit from contracted pricing
with national reference laboratories, giving them low and transparent lab costs.

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