Comprehensive Alcohol Treatment Program

Glass of AlcoholAlcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence, can be one of the most challenging addictions to treat. Alcohol is a drug that is so prevalent and yet so socially acceptable in our society, its abuse can be hard to identify – in ourselves or in our loved ones.

Stay-at-Home Rehab: Non-12 Step Program for Alcohol Withdrawal

Stay-at-Home Rehab is a revolutionary new approach compared to the more traditional idea of “rehab” in that a comprehensive alcohol dependence treatment is undertaken as a structured outpatient program.

This means the patient stays in either their home environment (and may even go to work each day), or in a more informal yet supervised setting.

(Note: while our program is a non-12 step approach, it can also work in harmony with more traditional 12-step detox and rehab programs.)

The Alcohol Treatment Program – What to Expect

A team of addiction specialists, led by board-certified addiction medicine physician Paul Abramson MD, treats those suffering from addiction to alcohol in a highly structured process that includes:

• Comprehensive medical, psychological and addiction evaluation by our expert team;
• Individualized treatment plans customized to the patient’s unique situation;
• A discreet and private office in the heart of downtown San Francisco;
• Integration of treatment services to produce superior results;
• A focus of maintaining and improving the ability to function in life during treatment;
• Assistance to negotiate serious family, employment, regulatory and legal situations.

Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment Plans

A typical alcohol withdrawal treatment plan may include some, or all, of the following:

• Medication-assisted alcohol detox, stabilization, and maintenance treatment;
• Behavioral treatment including individual and/or group therapy for addiction;
• Diagnosis and treatment of co-occurring physical health problems;
• Diagnosis and treatment of co-occurring mood issues and other psychological problems;
• Coordination of family support and family therapy;
• Nutritional support and functional medicine augmentation of treatment;
• Self tracking with quant coaching support;
• Other modalities such as animal-assisted therapy, physical training and sleep coaching.
• Smooth transition from “detox” phase, and on to an ongoing maintenance plan.

Medication-Assisted Alcohol Withdrawal, and Baclofen-Assisted Alcohol Treatment

A significant tactic in our program is the cutting-edge use of medications to ease withdrawal, support mood and improve functional status, including Baclofen for alcoholism treatment. Medication provides a kind of “bridge” to enable the patient to:

Baclofen 20mg• Regain a stable state of mind, free from alcohol-induced highs and lows;
• Provide freedom from thinking about alcohol all the time;
• Reduce problems of craving;
• Focus on lifestyle changes that lead back to healthy living;
• Explore the underlying causes of their alcoholism.

We use an optimal combination of evidence-based treatments, augmented by supportive care, to achieve the best possible results. While all standard medications are available and used as appropriate, we have specific expertise in the use of Baclofen for alcoholism as part of an integrated treatment program.

Our Team of Addiction Specialists

A board certified addiction medicine specialist, Paul Abramson MD, leads our team of experts. We utilize a highly integrative approach that can also include nutritional support, dietary supplements, acupuncture, personal training and other modalities as appropriate.
Meet our team: Clinical Team

Treatment for High Functioning Professionals

The Bay Area is the home of many high-functioning professionals and executives who work in very high-pressure situations. We are experts at keeping high-functioning professionals at work and engaged in other life activities during treatment with a minimum of downtime. This helps them resolve and improve any situations that have resulted from their alcohol use.

Family Interventions

Families needing assistance to determine how to best help a relative or other loved one suffering from addiction often meet with us for consultation before initiating an intervention. We can help you take the most skillful approach to the most difficult of situations. Please ask us about our intervention guidance.

High Acuity Cases of Alcohol Addiction

While we can usually achieve a stable and productive alcohol treatment plan in our outpatient setting, sometimes a patient may need more support. This is when we utilize an inpatient, residential or other supervised rehabilitation setting for initial stabilization when addiction is complicated by severe withdrawal, significant mental illness or other factors.

Our approach to high acuity cases can be custom-designed in San Francisco, or we can work with compatible residential treatment programs elsewhere to ensure a seamless transition back to our outpatient setting for ongoing care.

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