KQED Science: Dr. Abramson Interviewed on NPR About Health Technology

 Dr. Abramson was interviewed on NPR Morning Edition by Amy Standen yesterday about the role of wearable technology and health apps in the doctor's office.

Take, for example, Dr. Paul Abramson, a primary care doctor in San Francisco’s financial district.

Abramson is no techno-phobe. He sees patients in a sleek white office with a hydraulic standing desk from Denmark and listens to their hearts with a digital stethoscope.

“I like gadgets,” Abramson explains.

Abramson sees many patients from the tech industry. More and more, he says, people are coming in with data collected from consumer medical devices. One recent patient took this to an extreme.

Listen to the show or read a transcript here:

Do Wearables and Health Apps Belong in the Doctor’s Office?

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