Remote Medical Care for International #Travel? Can I have a physician on call?

by Paul Abramson MD
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Why I book flights with Dr. in front of my name - NYT interview featuring Paul Abramson MD

I was interviewed for an article on Dr. Andrew Weil’s

“Yes, it is possible to arrange remote medical consultation while you’re traveling abroad. I discussed your question with Paul Abramson MD., an integrative medical doctor and travel medicine specialist in San Francisco who is a graduate Senior Fellow of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (https://integrativemedicine NULL.arizona He told me that a variety of services are available via e-mail, telep (https://mydoctorsf NULL.wpengine NULL.jpg)hone or Skype. They vary in scope, cost and the kinds of assistance provided.

Dr. Abramson said that one option is to find a travel medicine doctor who can do your pre-travel consultation in person and then agree to help you remotely if you need any assistance. He said that he offers this service to his own patients …”

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