Comprehensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

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Addiction is Serious. Talk to a doctor who cares and can help

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Paul Abramson MD

Our Medical Director, Paul Abramson MD, is board certified in Addiction Medicine and takes an individualized approach to each situation. Dr. Abramson’s extensive clinical experience, coupled with his engineering background, meditation practice and life experience, allows him to take a focused, non-judgmental and effective to addiction treatment.

Alcohol and Drug Dependence is Treatable

We frequently treat the following addictions:

(Other addictions are usually treatable as well)

Integrative Substance Abuse Treatment

We offer a comprehensive and intensive approach to drug abuse treatment that can include a combination of

We can mobilize any needed resources based on an individual’s unique needs after our comprehensive initial evaluation, and are expert at keeping people independent and “outpatient” who are otherwise facing going to a facility, residential drug treatment center or other institutional setting.

Family Interventions

We frequently meet with families in crisis. If you are trying to help a loved one with an addiction problem, we can meet and consult with you first, to make sure you help in the most effective and appropriate way. Click here for family intervention information.

Suboxone treatment for opioid addiction

For those with addiction to opiate drugs or pain medications, we are experts in the use of buprenorphine substitution therapy, also known under the brand names Suboxone and Subutex, for addiction treatment, pain management or both. 

  • More information about Suboxone
  • More information about opiate withdrawal

    Medical management of alcoholism or benzodiazepine addiction

    Often pharmacologic assistance is helpful to maintain abstinence during and after alcohol or benzodiazepine detoxification. We tailor treatment to each individual, based on the latest methods and research. Medications are each useful for certain situations. We are familiar with the Ashton Method and the work of Dr. Olivier Amiensen. Medical treatment and psychotherapy are both typically part of our team-based treatment of these conditions.

  • More information about benzodiazepine addiction treatment
  • More information about alcohol treatment

    Professional Substance Abuse Evaluations

    Substance Abuse Evaluation is often mandated by the California Bar, the Medical Board of California, the Board of Registered Nursing, the Emergency Medical Services Authority, the Federal Aviation Administrations, hospital medical staff review committees, and other agencies.  We perform professionally-mandated assessments utilizing a team of medical doctors board-certified in Addiction Medicine, psychotherapists specializing in substance abuse evaluation, and other professionals as needed.  Our evaluation services are comprehensive, fair and timely.  Our expertise can help guide you through the process.

  • More information about substance abuse evaluations
  • More information about Dr. Paul Abramson

    Need More Information About Our Addiction Treatment Program?

    Our full range of addiction treatment services is available during regular business hours. For urgent situations after hours or on weekends, please call us and use the option to page the doctor on call. Depending on the situation, a team may be able to be mobilized for urgent after hours situations, or we can help you figure out the appropriate next steps.

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