Can eating processed carbs thwart attempts to treat other addictions?

A recent article in the New York Times: “How Carbs Can Trigger Food Cravings” discussed the mechanisms by which high-glycemic index foods trigger similar brain reward responses as highly addictive drugs like cocaine.

While the author mainly concluded that people… Continue reading

Do you or a loved one have the Female Athlete Triad?

How often does a doctor say “you need to gain weight?” We’re all used to medical professionals (and the media) focusing on weight loss and other ways to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease. What’s often overlooked is that a surprising… Continue reading

Intermittent Fasting Shows Promise for Treating Diabetes and Heart Disease

Right up there with the very well-marketed Paleo diet, intermittent fasting (IF) has achieved popular attention in the past year for its potential role in achieving rapid weight loss. But now there is mounting evidence that this approach to eating… Continue reading

Bone Broth: #Paleo Goodness or Lead Toxicity Risk?

The consumption of bone marrow and bone broths have become more commonplace, and even hip, with the rise in popularity of the Paleo Diet, Perfect Health Diet and GAPS Diet. Bone broths are meant to be a staple in evolutionary-type… Continue reading

How can I find out if I have celiac disease?

I often see patients who are concerned about gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. Indeed, that is a common problem and many people do feel better if they removed processed foods, and gluten in particular, from their diet.

The problem is… Continue reading

Are you taking vitamin D supplements? Some suggestions.

Many patients come to me on vitamin D supplements, and there have been a lot of opinion pieces for and against vitamin D supplementation lately. Without getting into the data too deeply, it seems likely that vitamin D3 supplemention is… Continue reading

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