Plague in Madagascar

World Health Organization Advisory: Plague – Madagascar: October 2017

As of October 4th, the Ministry of Public Health of Madagascar is reporting 194 cases of plague (including pneumonic, bubonic and once case of septicemic) with 30 deaths in 20 districts… Continue reading

KQED Science: Dr. Abramson Interviewed on NPR About Health Technology

Dr. Abramson was interviewed on NPR Morning Edition by Amy Standen yesterday about the role of wearable technology and health apps in the doctor’s office.

Take, for example, Dr. Paul Abramson, a primary care doctor in San Francisco’s financial district.… Continue reading

Giardia: Not a Traveler’s Best Friend

Giardiasis is a fairly common infection of the small intestines caused by the organism Giardia intestinalis (also known as Giardia lamblia). Giardia is a protozoan parasite that thrives in the intestinal tract of mammals and that reproduces by forming cysts,… Continue reading

Paul Abramson MD Interviewed On Doctors Who Accept Bitcoin

Health IT News ran a piece this week about physicians who accept payment in the virtual currency Bitcoin. Dr. Paul Abramson was interviewed on his experiences taking Bitcoin at My Doctor Medical Group in San Francisco.

Abramson, founder of My… Continue reading

The Quant-Friendly Doctor at the Quantified Self Conference 2013

This past Thursday, Dr. Abramson and I attended the Quantified Self Conference in the Presidio in San Francisco. We hosted a morning breakout session titled “Quant-Friendly Doctors and Doctor-Friendly Quants” that drew a very passionate and diverse crowd. We began… Continue reading

SF Chronicle Interview: Paul Abramson MD on Medically-Supervised Self Tracking

My Doctor Medical Group founder Paul Abramson MD was interviewed this week in the San Francisco Chronicle about his use of self tracking technologies, in collaboration with “Quant Coach” Lauren DeDecker, to collaboratively help his patients in San Francisco solve… Continue reading

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), When the Mind-Body Connection Short Circuits

So many diseases and conditions in America are automatically treated with a prescription pad. But what if pills won’t help?

“The mind and the body are linked, physically, neurologically, as well as emotionally, and that things that affect the mind… Continue reading

Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are Crushing Us. Investigative reporting at its best from Steven Brill. #costsofcare

Required reading for everyone who lives in the United States, or who is thinking about doing so: Steven Brill delivered an amazing piece of investigative journalism in February 2013 on the U.S. health care system in Time Magazine. Hopefully everyone… Continue reading

Sodium Butyrate: An Overlooked Supplement for #Crohn’s Disease #ibd

Sodium butyrate is a short chain fatty acid by-product of gut microbes and the primary energy source for cells lining the colon. Since it is sold as a dietary supplement in the United States, it is not regulated by the… Continue reading

Can eating processed carbs thwart attempts to treat other addictions?

A recent article in the New York Times: “How Carbs Can Trigger Food Cravings” discussed the mechanisms by which high-glycemic index foods trigger similar brain reward responses as highly addictive drugs like cocaine.

While the author mainly concluded that people… Continue reading

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